LCD Soundsystem releasing two new songs at midnight and answer a ton of questions about the new album

May 4, 2017

Early on Thursday, LCD Soundsystem took to Facebook to announce some very significant news, most importantly that two new songs would be released at midnight on May 5.

You can hear bootlegged versions of the songs that played elsewhere in the world where midnight has already reached. The two new songs are titled "Call The Police" and "American Dream," which will both be on a forthcoming album that will be released on a yet-to-be-announced future date.

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Along with the two new songs, in a lengthy Facebook note (below), the band announced the album release will also be on vinyl and that seems to be the part of the process holding everything up. On top of that, the band seems set to tour, but is being picky about where and which types of venues they want to play in. Mostly, it seems like they would prefer to play smaller venues across the country, apart from the festival circuit. 

Does that mean LCD Soundsystem at the 1,100 cap Showbox could be in our future? Let's hope so. 

Stay tuned and we'll have the entirety of both songs for you soon.

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