Listen to Barns Courtney's debut album "The Attractions of Youth"

September 29, 2017

Photo by Deccio Creative | from Bumbershoot 2016

Barns Courtney released his debut LP The Attractions of Youth on Friday. The 14-song album features all five songs from The Dull Drums EP released earlier this year, along with nine new songs including his new single "Golden Dandelions."

Here's what we're saying about the new album:

Alyssa: "I became a megafan of Barns Courtney after seeing him beat on his guitar at Summer Camp 2016. His music is dirty blues with a little pop mixed in and I'm all about it. Songs you need to get your ears on: 'Hellfire,' 'Golden Dandelions,' and 'Kicks'"

Manley"Seattle music is the best music, and here’s more proof.  Love Golden Dandelions and Fire obviously, but don’t sleep on Little Boy. Also - Fun fact, The End was the first FM radio station in the world to play Barns Courtney."

Branden"It's awesome to see good people do well, and Barns Courtney is a good person. This album is a ton of fun and if you get the chance to see him live, either with a band or solo, take it. The guy knows how to own a stage and I can't wait to see him perform some of the new ones on The Attractions of Youth."

Barns is originally from the Seattle area, but split his time between England and the Pacific Northwest growing up, so we'll still claim him as a local.

What do you think of his new album?

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