Listen to hot takes on Bolo Ties, The Royal Wedding, and more from Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats

May 21, 2018
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You might think a Summer Camp 2018 band with the name Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats might have some pretty spicy hot takes, but when it comes to playing games on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the hottest take from the band was about bolo ties, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

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Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats released their second full-length album Tearing At The Seams on March 9 and are set to play Summer Camp 2018 this August. Tickets are on sale now for their first public show in the PNW since January 2016.

Watch their music video for the new song "You Worry Me" below, then see them at Summer Camp 2018!

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