A local cartoonist totally nailed a bunch of Seattle-themed Valentine's Day cards

February 14, 2018



A Seattle cartoonist who posts to Instagram as @SeattleWalkReport is feeling the love this Valentine's Day and has made a bunch of Seattle-specific Valentine's Day cards to give to your Emerald-city-loving significant other today.

Download these cards, print them off and give them to all six of your friends! http://bit.ly/seattlevalentines

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The anonymous artist who has revealed she is a 20-something who was born and raised in Seattle made the cards available for download here so you can save some scratch and print one out for your loved ones at home (make sure you put it on some heavier cardstock so you don't look TOO cheap).

Tape one of these bad boys to a can of Rainier and you have found the way to the heart of almost any Seattleite.

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