The Lumineers add A THIRD show in Seattle

Marymoore Park is hoppin' with folk this summer.

March 25, 2016

When you're good, you're good.

The Lumineers are in high-demand in Seattle with their summer show at Marymoor Park on June 3 selling out within a day. The band announced a second show on June 4 and THAT sold out pretty quick too. Not to worry though, because Marymoor Park has

That's right...A THIRD show for the band here on June 5 in Seattle (well, Redmond, but you get the point). Three days of Lumineers. They might as well make it a festival and invite some other bands. Seattle loves itself some Lumineers and it seems like The Lumineers love us right back. 

Tickets for the third show go on sale Friday, April 1 (this is not a joke). Keep your eyes peeled right here to nab yours right away when they go up.