Michael Bennett detained, alleges excessive force by Las Vegas Police

September 6, 2017

Photo by Joe Nicholson | USA Today Sports


Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was in Las Vegas for the Conor McGregor / Floyd Mayweather and after the fight, he was detained by police.

For what? He's not exactly sure. When he and hundreds around him heard what they thought to be gunshots in the area, people started running. But he alleges the police singled him out for his skin color. UPDATE: Las Vegas Police said in a press briefing that Bennett was running from a casino where gunshots were reported before he was tackled by police. A spokesperson for the police said they are combing through 126 videos associated with the incident, though neither of the detaining officers had their body cams on.

Bennett released a statement on the occurrence in a tweet on Wednesday morning:

A video obtained by TMZ has emerged showing Bennett's arrest.

In the video, Bennett says to the police, ""I wasn't doing nothing, man. I was here with my friends. They told us to get out, everybody ran!"

Bennett is an outspoken critic of oppression, racism, segregation, and a number of other notable issues and he has made national headlines ahead of the 2017 NFL season by choosing to continue sitting during the pre-game National Anthem.

According to his statement, Bennett was released without being charged after the Vegas police confirmed his identity.

You can watch the full statement from the police here.