Michael Hara makes the most beautiful hand-made record players you will ever see

April 13, 2017

If you're looking to buy a record player but you can't find one that you like, make your own.

That's what Michael Hara did, and hot damn his turntables are beautiful.

Hara is an architectural designer based in Minneapolis and a huge music fan. He's been woodworking since he was 16 and when he couldn't find anything he liked in the market, he started a new project making his own, which he calls HIFI / MPLS.

"There wasn't much out in the market for products that looked as beautiful as they sounded," said Hara. "I've always been drawn to the warmth of natural materials like wood, stone, concrete, etc."

Hara's first turntable was made of concrete, weighs 150 pounds, and is named "Brutus." He built Brutus in early 2016 and has since built one-off pieces for friends, and has 4-5 more in the works. Each table is unique.

Hara says the two records that have been on his turntables most lately are Sturgill Simpson's A Sailor's Guide To Earth, and Run The Jewels' latest, Run The Jewels 3. 

On top of the record players, Hara has also created a custom audio credenza (a fancy name for a cupboard) to house all the utilities needed to run the turntable. Of course, it is equally as beautiful. 

You can see the process of Hara's work from start to finish on his website, and you can reach out for more information or to request your very own piece.

For reference, the wooden record player started out like this...

To keep up with Hara and his work, you can follow HIFI / MPLS on Instagram, or visit his website.

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