The most popular candy in every state

October 23, 2017

Everyone is heading to the store this week to stock up on candy before a bunch of kids come knock on your door to ask for something free their parents won't buy for them.

Candy is awesome and we all have our preferences (Almond Joys can go to hell), and those preferences start to show their true colors even on a statewide scale.

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According to this graphic from, who are obviously experts after compiling 10 years of candy sales data, Washington's go-to candy is Tootsie Pops, followed by Salt Water Taffy and Hershey Kisses. 


We're too cheap to go for those king-size bars or even assorted candy bags, apparently. Even West Virginia stepped it up with a blow pop.

Also, Connecticut can basically count on me NEVER visiting. 

What is your go-to for this Halloween season?

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