Move over, Dick's, Shake Shack is coming to Seattle

August 9, 2017

It seems like there's some sort of cheeseburger manifest destiny taking place in Seattle this year. 

We have already seen the Midwest's Steak-n-Shake set up shop downtown and the In-N-Out rip-off CaliBurger open up in the U-District, now New York City's Shake Shack is planning to set up shop in South Lake Union with doors set to open in 2018.

Why Dick's is better than In-N-Out

The new joint will be located across the street from The Butcher's Table, just down the street from Whole Foods on Westlake.

How does it compare to Seattle's favorite local burger joint, Dick's Drive-in?

A Shake Shack burger (single patty) runs for $5.55, and a double for $8.35. Fries are three bucks, shakes are almost $6, and as you start adding the fancy stuff, everything gets more expensive. They also offer a variety of other types of diner snacks that you won't find at a place like Dick's.

What we're not getting is greasy drunk food to smash three of on a Saturday night. What we are getting is something a little better quality and it won't break the bank for a quick lunch.

So far, it seems like people are stoked.

Then there's Patrick, who is a Dick's lover after my own heart.

Are you excited about Shake Shack setting up shop in Seattle or should New York stay out? 

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