The must-have phone apps for Seattleites

February 15, 2017

Seattle is a cool place to live and it's only getting cooler (unless you're trying to buy a house, then it is very uncool). 

There's a lot going on in our city right now, but a few people have figured out how to make living here even easier with apps, and there are apps for everything.

Here are the must-have apps for the average Seattleite: 

“If you’re a bus rider like myself this is a must have” – Cody

With traffic getting exponentially worse every passing day, more people are turning to public transportation and OneBusAway is the app to have. The app serves up bus schedules in real time, tells you how long it’ll take for you to get to the nearest bus stops and whether or not it thinks you can make it by the time the next bus comes! It was made by folks out of UW and out of 376 reviews, it’s a solid 5-star app.

If you choose to drive instead, you know that all those people you battled on 99 South in the morning to get into the city have to park somewhere and that can be seemingly impossible. Parkopedia shows you the closest parking locations, hours, parking rates, and the availability in real time (there’s nothing worse than showing up to a parking lot to find no open spots). Yeah, you still have to pay a ton for parking, but this gives you an idea of how close you can get to your destination and how much you can expect to pay.

“Because sometimes I need to know where to eat when Manley’s unavailable for consultation.” - Leslie

If you don’t have Manley sitting right next to you when you get hungry and want to go find food, Yelp is the next best thing. Want tacos? Search “tacos” and Yelp will tell you the best tacos in the area based on Yelp user reviews. It’s basically like asking a huge group of people where you can find the best tacos in Seattle (hint: #1 and #2 taco spots in Seattle are both Tacos Chukis, which is probably what Manley would have told you). Sort by price, distance, hours, delivery, neighborhood, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

Cocktail Compass
“Let us find the happiest happy hours near you” – Cocktail Compass

Uh, yes please. This is the Parkopedia for alcohol. Search for bars near you and find out how far they are, how long you have until they shut down happy hour, if they have WiFi, outdoor patios or other unique features! If you want to drink and you want to drink at happy hour but you are having a tough time deciding where to go, Cocktail Compass is the app you need, and it’s made on Capitol Hill, which is a bonus.

We all know what Tinder is. Seattleites don’t like to talk to people they don’t know, so Tinder is a way to force awkward interactions with new people. Sure, it can be gross. Yeah, I advise meeting people the old-fashioned way (I mean eHarmony), but that can be tough. So instead, use Tinder to judge people based on the pictures they think are most flattering and a slightly more edgy version of their Twitter bio.

“But I hate corporate coffee and I miss the Sonics!” – Your annoying hipster friend every time someone makes a Starbucks run.

Look, they are everywhere and yeah, you can get better coffee at other places, but with the app I can get pay, order my coffee ahead so I don’t have to wait in line and I earn rewards toward more coffee. Who doesn’t love more coffee? And I know Schultz sold the Sonics and then they left town and I was bummed, but come on, man. You couldn’t eat or drink or listen to anything if you based it off of the actions of the people who made money off of it.

“I can order some of my favorite food in Seattle and enjoy it without having to put pants on!” - Manley

Sit at home without pants on and someone will bring you food. What could be better? It’s a win-win-lose situation. First of all, you win when you don’t have to put pants on, which is great. Then you get hungry, but you don’t have to get up to make food, because with Postmates you get to order food from your favorite restaurants, even the ones that don’t deliver, and Postmates will bring it to your door, which is a big win. The loss comes from that poor Postmates driver who has to see you without your pants on. At least throw on some sweats, you weirdo.   

“Because we need reliable dog walkers when we hit happy hour right after work.” – Alyssa

Owning a dog is hard. Your happy hour time is limited because you have to go take care of a living creature so it doesn’t take a dump in your house. Now, you can order someone to come to your house and take your dog for a walk/poop for you! It’s like Uber, but for dog poop. Not only can you get your dog walked with Wag, but you can also get on-demand pet-sitting and dog boarding, plus you can track your dog’s walk in real time if you’re super lonely. You also get a notification if your dog poops if you’re super DUPER lonely.

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