My Goodness' Andy Lum used Snapchat Spectacles to capture what playing the Deck the Hall Ball stage is like

December 7, 2016

Photo By Iron Mike

Snapchat Spectacles are still making their shaky newborn legs way into the world, but more and more posts are making their way to social and we are starting to see what the glasses can do in the wild.

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At Deck the Hall Ball on Tuesday night, Andy Lum of Locals Only favorite My Goodness donned the new social tech while playing in front of thousands at Key Arena and the result was awesome.

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Check it out:

@mygoodnessmusic, live from my face --

A video posted by Andy Lum (@andykeola) on

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The snap, which Lum then posted to Instagram, gives you a good taste of what it's like to play the big stage in the heart of Seattle!

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