New Music Roundup // November 11

November 11, 2016

Photo by Susan Ragan | Courtesy of USA TODAY Sports

We got a diverse bunch of new music this week from The xx to The Flaming Lips (and I threw in the new Gambino in there because, damn). 

Check out all the latest from the week that was:

The xx - "On Hold"

Along with announcing a new album called I See You, due out January 13, The xx has released a new song "On Hold" which has all the hints of Jamie xx coming back to the band after a successful solo stint and bringing some of that back with him. Read more about the new album here.

Budo + Kris Orlowski - "Waterski to Texas"

Our friend Kris Orlowski has teamed up with Seattle producer Budo (Josh Karp) for a new collaboration that will culminate in a new record to be released in 2017. They released a new song and video for the first track "Waterski to Texas," which is just so good. Orlowski's vocals and Budo's penchant for orchestral vibes mixed in with his beats has me wanting to hear more from the duo. This is a promising start.

The Flaming Lips - "How??"

We get a new album from The Flaming Lips in January, and I don't know how they have kept their output and performance so strong and so consistent for over three decades, but Oczy Mlody sounds like it is going to be amazing. It will be the band's seventeenth (!!!) studio album since 1983. Pretty stoked to hear this album in all of its glory.

Childish Gambino - "Me and Your Mama"

Ok, so maybe you don't expect to read too much about hip hop or Childish Gambino on The End, but indulge me for a second. While Donald Glover's first two albums were definitely Rap albums, Because The Internet  dabbled as a genre-bending record, and his follow-up EP Kauai definitely broke that mold. This week, Glover announced a new studio album would drop December 2 and the first song we get to hear, "Me and Your Mama" might be a clue that we might be getting more of the latter, with a lot more singing Gambino.

I haven't read anywhere that Flying Lotus is involved in this project, but I wouldn't be surprised based on the production of this new track. Even more reason to be excited, if you're into that.

Also, the fact Glover is about to be Lando Calrissian is my favorite news story of the year by far.

Remembering Leonard Cohen
It would be wrong not to mention the passing of Leonard Cohen on Thursday night. Cohen was a pioneer and a true poet who made music for nearly five decades. 

In October of this year, Cohen released a new album You Want It Darker in which he sings in the title track "I'm ready, my Lord." You can listen to the song below. It's eerie.

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