New Music Roundup // October 14

Kings Of Leon, Macklemore, Death Cab, and more

October 14, 2016

Courtesy of Jimmy Eat World | Fueled By Ramen

This week in new music was a mix of social activism and solid new rock. Death Cab For Cutie put out a new song about Donald Trump in "Million Dollar Loan" and Macklemore rapped about prescription drug abuse in his latest track "Drug Dealer."

Here's everything that went down this week:

Kings Of Leon - Walls

For a very long time, I was a Kings Of Leon hater. Something about a bad experience I had while watching them headline Sasquatch 2009 just left a bad taste in my mouth, but since then the band has grown on me in a big way. Walls is awesome. Simple as that. Where Mechanical Bull completely lost a lot of people on the KOL sound, Walls gets right back to where they left off with Come Around Sundown. Walls is straightforward rock 'n roll. 

Saint Motel - "Born Again"

Saint Motel's upcoming album is one of my most highly-anticipated albums this year. So far, I am mixed on the first two tracks from the upcoming album Saintmotelivision. "Move" is certifiably the danciest song I have heard this year, but "You Can Be You" falls a little flatter, but probably because it's hard to follow up a song like "Move." With "Born Again" I am optimistic about the October 21 release.

Macklemore - "Drug Dealer"

Described by at least one person as "Same Love, but for opioids," Macklemore's new song is more than that. A self-described recovered addict, Macklemore has been lobbying congress and even the President himself about legislation regarding opioid and prescription drug addiction. The man puts his money where his mouth is. "Drug Dealer" does have a similar song structure to "Same Love," but uses Seattle musician Ariana Deboo to sing the lyrics "My drug dealer was a doctor, had the plug from big pharma, I think he tried to kill me, tried to kill me for a dollar."

Death Cab For Cutie - "Million Dollar Loan"

As part of the new "30 Days, 30 Songs" project where artists are releasing songs to do their part in defeating Donald Trump in the election, Death Cab released a song called "Million Dollar Loan." I'll admit that on first listen, I wasn't a fan. But after reading Ben Gibbard's frank explanation of how the song came together, I felt a little better about it. 

Jimmy Eat World - "You Are Free"

One week until the new album from Jimmy Eat World drops means "Get Free" is probably the last track we'll hear before Integrity Blues becomes available on October 21. The band has stayed true to itself, at least so far, with the new album without being tempted to drink from the waters of musical "relevancy" that many bands that have been around as Jimmy Eat World have drank from. 

Two Door Cinema Club - "Lavender"

I have dabbled with listening to Two Door Cinema Club for a long time, but never truly got into them. To be honest, I always got them, Bombay Bicycle Club and Tokyo Police Club mixed up. Too many clubs, in my opinion. That being said, Two Door Cinema Club's new song "Lavender" can groove. Most of the song is driven by a groovy bass line and throws in some synth for good measure. "Lavender" is off their album GAMESHOW, which was released Friday.

Naked Giants - R.I.P.

Finally. One of my favorite local groups, Naked Giants, has finally released their new EP R.I.P.. Naked Giants played our 2016 Taco Truck Challenge and those guys put on a hell of a show. 

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