New Music Roundup // October 21

Jimmy Eat World, Saint Motel, Empire of the Sun

October 21, 2016

Courtesy of Jimmy Eat World | Fueled By Ramen

Let's just start right off the bat and say there is no new Beck this week. Beck's new album was supposed to drop Friday, October 21, but apparently it is pushed back until November. 

That's ok, though, because we did get new music from another 90s great and Deck the Hall Ball 2016 artist, Jimmy Eat World

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Here's the new music that matters this week:

Jimmy Eat WorldIntegrity Blues

I'm going to go ahead and say that it's a huge deal that Jimmy Eat World is playing Deck this year. It'll be a huge blast of nostalgia, but don't be fooled. The new J.E.W. is still kickin'.
Essential tracks: "Sure and Certain," "How'd You Have Me," and "Please Say No." 

Deck the Hall Ball 2016 playlist

Saint Motel - Saintmotelivision

I. Can't. Stop. Dancing. Saint Motel's latest, Saintmotelivision, gets started with their grooving "Move," and just keeps ripping from there. The band's sophomore album picks up right where Voyeur left off. 
Essential tracks: "Move," "Destroyer" and "Born Again"

Empire of the Sun - "Way To Go"

Empire Of The Sun's newest album, Two Vines, is expected on October 28 and the band has just released it's fourth track. Even though their latest track "Way To Go" is one of the two low-key songs released, if EOTS only played these four tracks at Deck the Hall Ball on December 6, we would all be danced out. Chances are they will play more than just these four tracks, so we better start hydrating right now.

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