New Music Roundup // October 28

October 28, 2016

Photo courtesy of Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun - Two Vines

This is the dance album for 2016, hands down. That's great news if you are planning on jamming with the band at Deck the Hall Ball 2016Two Vines is the third full-length for the Australian band. I seriously am going to lose 20 pounds dancing to this at Deck. Essential songs: All of them. But if I have to choose, "There's No Need," "Friends," "Digital Life"

The Shins - "Dead Alive"

In an interview, James Mercer did say that the new music from The Shins would be a lot like the old music from The Shins, but I am still a little bit bummed that it's so similar. After quite a few years of side projects and solo stuff, I was hoping they would come back with something wicked different and catchy. Now, I'm not saying "Dead Alive" is bad. I LOVE old Shins, but the selfish side in me wants MOARRR. Also, this may be the best video of 2016, right up there with Coldplay's "Up&Up."

AFI - "Snow Cats"

No, I didn't know AFI was making new music. Yes, I am pleasantly and cautiously pleased about it. I'll be completely honest in that I pretty much listened to DECEMBERUNDERGROUND and Billy Talent exclusively for about six months in that phase of high school. AFI announced a new album due out January 20 called The Blood Album (so AFI, right?) and they shared two new songs. One of which was "Snow Cats," which you can listen to below. Listen to the other new song, "White Offerings" on YouTube.

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