New Music Roundup // September 16

Phantogram, My Goodness, Manatee Commune, Justice & more

September 16, 2016

Did you miss new music that dropped this week? Now you never will. Each Friday, The End rounds up all the new music from the last week we think you should be listening to. Sit down, pop on your headphones and let us know what you think of the newest music to land inside our ears. #NewMusicDiscovery

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Phantogram - "Same Old Blues"

Phantogram's latest single "Same Old Blues" follows up their first release of the new album, Three, called "You Don't Get Me High Anymore." The song starts with a bluesy/electronic driving beat with a bunch of clapping but drops a fat, dirty beat about two and a half minutes in. Takes you by surprise, but that's Phantogram.

Manatee Commune - Manatee Commune (LP)

Seattle's electronic scene has been thriving for a long time, but the next name to emerge from the Northwest (technically Bellingham) is likely going to be Manatee Commune. The one-man instrumentalist Grant Eadie dropped his self-titled LP on Friday. We have had "What We've Got" feat. Flint Eastwood on the station for the last couple months and it is getting a lot of love from you all. The full-length does the single justice in a big way.

My Goodness - "Islands"

Where Manatee Commune is killing the electronic game in the Northwest, My Goodness is definitely filling the rock gap. So far, My Goodness is putting out my favorite new tunes out of Seattle and their new single "Islands" is a big part of that. 

Justice - "Randy"

The French electronic duo announced their third album will be titled Woman, and will be released November 18. We got another taste of the record with their release of "Randy" on Wednesday. It's got a heavy organ sound that breaks up an otherwise pretty poppy track that shares more in common with Audio, Video, Disco than it does with Cross.

Bad Suns -  Disappear Here

The "Cardiac Arrest" band Bad Suns dropped their second full-length on Friday titled Disappear Here, the same name as the track you heard as the Discover & Download song of the week a few weeks ago. 

The Good Wives - Robot Islands

Seattle band The Good Wives stopped by Locals Only last Sunday to debut a couple songs off their album Robot Island that dropped today. The indie-rock quartet's latest has plenty of energy and the boys are playing their album release party at The Central Saloon in Pioneer Square September 17.

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