New Music Roundup // September 9

September 9, 2016

This Friday marks the first of the big September album release days with highly-anticipated new albums from The Head And The Heart, Grouplove and Bastille, along with a new album from Local Natives, an EP from Fences and even a new song from Green Day.

Listen to all the new music that dropped this week:

The Head And The Heart - Signs Of Light

We got a chance to catch up with Charity Rose Thielen from The Head And The Heart a few weeks ago and she had plenty to say about the new album, but most notably was the fact the album shows a less acoustic-based with more "sonic colors," according to Thielen. The diversity in sound hits you right off the bat with the second track on the album, "City Of Angels." The rest of the record shows plenty of the folksy charm the band is known for, but Signs Of Light is definitely a slight departure from what fans might have grown to recognize. 

Green Day - "Revolution Radio"

Friday also saw the release of the title track from Green Day's upcoming release Revolution Radio (Oct. 7). "Revolution Radio," the song, totally rips. We have now heard two new tracks from the Green Day revival, but I haven't made up my mind on how I feel about what else is to come. 

Grouplove - Big Mess

The new record from Grouplove is a lot of things. There are a lot of different sounds that span all sorts of genres, but the one thing that you can say without a doubt about Big Mess is that it is simply fun. The album was heavily influenced by two members, Hannah and Christian, having a kid together! 

Bastille - Wild World

Bastille's highly anticipated second album Wild World picks up right where the brit indie-rockers left off. The electronic-influenced new record has a little something for everybody. You'll hear songs that fit perfectly in a club, others in the background of a cafe and others that might sound like a perfect summer drive track. What do you think of the album as a whole?

Local Natives - Sunlit Youth

This is the album I have personally been waiting for. Local Natives get back to it with Sunlit Youth. The new album has the same head-bobbing groove and intricately weaved sounds as the band introduces a lot more synth and electronic vibes to this go-around.

Fences - To The Tall Trembling Trees

Also new this week was the latest EP from Seattle-based Fences, possibly best-known for his collaboration with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on "Arrows." To The Tall Trembling Trees has a very chill sound for the most part, but I can dig it.

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