ODESZA releases stunning sci-fi music video for 'Line of Sight'

June 19, 2017

Photo by Tonje Thilesen | Courtesy of Red Light Management

ODESZA has released a stunning new music video for their new single "Line of Sight" from their upcoming album A Moment Apart, due out September 8. 

The new video from the Seattle/Bellingham-based band features a post-apocalyptic-ish story of a young boy surviving in the wilderness, hiding from heavily-armed robo-alien invaders. The backdrop appears to be somewhere in Hawaii with stunning footage of the forest, creeks and waterfalls. 

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The boy reprograms one of the aliens as a companion to play chess, carry him around on his shoulders and....hunt wild chickens for dinner.

There are already four songs from the upcoming 16-song album released. The full tracklist can be found below.

01 - Intro
02 - A Moment Apart
03 - Higher Ground *ft. Naomi Wild
04 - Boy
05 - Line of Sight *ft. WYNNE and Mansionair
06 - Late Night
07 - Across the Room *ft. Leon Bridges
08 - Meridian
09 - Everything at Your Feet *ft. The Chamanas
10 - Just a Memory *ft. Regina Spektor
11 - Divide *ft. Kelsey Bulkin
12 - Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings
13 - La Ciudad
14 - Falls *ft. Sasha Sloan
15 - Show Me
16 - Corners of the Earth *ft. RY X

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