One Tank Trips: 5 best things to do on Vashon Island

Pancakes, Thai Food and a hipster as hell tree

July 7, 2016

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"One tank of gas will get me to Vashon and back? Why don't I ride my bike?" This is something people sometimes think before they get off the ferry and stare down the two-mile incline and break down in tears on the side of the road a third of the way up while people who want to enjoy a little day trip cruise by while listening to sick jams from Tangerine on the radio.

If you have nothing going on this weekend, you might fancy a trip over the water via ferry to Vashon Island. Explore the Puget Sound starting with it's largest island that's just a tad bigger than Manhattan with 100% less angry New Yorkers (probably).

The island has called itself home to Father John Misty, Dan Savage and the guy who voiced Hamm in Toy Story, at one point or another. 

We consulted the experts about the best spots to hit up when on Vashon ('Sup Marya?) and these are the top spots to hit up on a day trip. Heeeeeeere we go:

1. Stuff your face with pancakes from Sporty's

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After you get off the ferry, head straight up the hill to the ol' Sportsman's Inn, known as Sporty's, for a fat stack of massive flapjacks. Yeah, it's a bit divey. Sure, there are probably better, more classy, breakfast joints on the island, but slam a few of those hotcakes down and you'll be thanking me later.

2. Go see the tree bike!

How do you know Vashon is the most hipster island in the Puget Sound? Even the trees are riding bikes. Either that, or someone on a bike who didn't realize that once you get off the ferry you have two miles of incline before you hit the town chucked their bike off the side of the road about a bazillion years ago and it grew up in the tree. Either way, a bike in a tree isn't something you see every day...unless you visit Vashon.

3. Chill out on KVI Beach

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Summer in Seattle is bound to start sometime soon, right? When it does, KVI Beach is the spot to be. The only sand beach on the island even has a little inlet for the kids to play and is only a short drive from Sporty's. Pack the towels and flip flops and go tan up that pasty white Seattle body of yours. 

4. Take in the sights Point Robinson

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One of the most recognizable lighthouses on the West Coast, Point Robinson's lighthouse has been signaling sailors for nearly 130 years. On a clear day you can see Mt. Rainier from a distance and use Morse code to signal to everyone up there to say "'sup, yo?"

5. Eat the best Thai food Seattle has to offer at May

What? Tableside #PadThai at May Kitchen with banana flower #soigne #service

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You probably think you know the best Thai spot in Seattle. You probably go there a whole lot and you probably get the same few dishes and recommend those dishes at that restaurant to all your friends. You probably don't know that you are a total fool and misleading everybody because the one true Thai restaurant to wear the crown of "Best In Seattle" sits on a throne on Vashon. Her Majesty May Kitchen & Bar has summoned you.


(**BONUS** Go see the Vashon Strawberry Festival!)

This Strawberry Festival has nothing to do with strawberries. However, if you happen to be in Vashon during the festival, hit it up, enjoy the live music and try some of the tasty strawberry-inspired treats!


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