Online voters give Seattle ship a new, punny, name

New ship to set sail under online-voted name

June 29, 2016

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime


It isn't Boaty McBoatface, but a King County research boat got a similar fan-voted treatment and better yet, the County is going along with it!

Through an online "Name The Vessel" contest, the mighty people of the internet chose to name the new boat the "SoundGuardian," a reference to infamous Seattle grunge band Soundgarden. 

The guys from the band were in on it, too! Drummer Matt Cameron and guitarist Kim Thayil were on hand to christen the new boat before it takes to the South Sound to sample water quality in the Duwamish.

What other nautical band puns could they have given the new ship? Ballast In Chains?  Stone Temple Pirates? Give us your best shot in the comments below!


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