Opposing protesters in Seattle May Day demonstrations made time to share a joint

May 1, 2017



If you're passionate enough about something to get out there and protest, sometimes you're going to run into opposition. On a day like May 1, May Day, and in times like these, opposition is almost guaranteed.

At Seattle's May Day protests this year, thousands are taking to the streets to get their voices out there and at Westlake Park, two opposing forces met, but their first instinct wasn't to fight.

Instead, the posterboard signs were sheathed, tongues were bit, and the protesters shared a joint of peace.

I guess it's just another example of #HowSeattleRiots, the hashtag that ultimately starts trending after protesters clean up after themselves or follow sidewalk rules while marching through the city streets.

In a day that can often get pretty intense in Seattle, it's nice to see that at least they can agree on one thing. 

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