Our top 9 songs to hear at Summer Camp

Listen to these tracks LIVE at Summer Camp 2016

August 4, 2016

With just nine days until #SummerCamp2016, we are counting down the top nine tracks we are stoked to see live! 

What songs did we miss? Read the full list below:

"Windows" by AWOLNATION

"I love AWOLNATION's music (and especially this song) because his lyrics and beats HIT ME in the best way. Makes me want to rage." - Alyssa

"If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't On The Dancefloor" by JR JR

"I saw them perform this in a club of about 100 people and after dancing my ass off to it I got drunk off my rocker with the band and have loved the song ever since." - Manley

"To Travels and Trunks" by Hey Marseilles

"I know, I know. 'Bro, that's The most popular Hey Marseilles song ever, do you even listen to their music?' Yes, I do. It's all awesome, but I saw this song at Sasquatch! in 2009 and remember it being INCREDIBLE. Can't wait to experience that with all of you." - Branden

"My Body" by Young The Giant

Young the Giant's 'My Body' was a song they had never tried to play unplugged and we asked them to do it at an EndSession years ago - they were reluctant, but ultimately played it. Afterwards, they approached me and asked for a copy of the recording." - Gregr

"Carolina" by Kris Orlowski

"I've love Kris Orlowski's 'Carolina' since first seeing him years ago, that's been a song that has stuck with me and gives me happy mustache dreams." - Gregr

"All The Pretty Girls" by Kaleo

"This is for sure going to be a big hit for them, and the perfect song to listen to with that special someone.  Hold hands, share some ice cream." - Manley

"Hands" by Barns Courtney

"It's all so Primal Scream" - Manley

"Tokyo - Vampires & Wolves" by The Wombats

"This is the second song I heard from them and it's just a fun, fast-paced track." - Alyssa

'Whatever they're playing about 13 minutes into their set' - Kongos

"Kongos my not be your favorite band on the bill, but they are the tightest. Watch how their set builds momentum as they lock into their groove like only family can." - Zach