Playlist: Who is Kris Orlowski listening to right now?

Kris gave us a taste of what's playing in his headphones

May 31, 2016

Last week, Locals Only Artist of the Month Kris Orlowski stopped by 107.7 The End for a quick Facebook Live Q&A (you can watch the full thing here).

While he was here, we roped the Summer Camp 2016 artist in to giving us a quick overview of what he has been listening too lately. We like music and who would know music better than the musicians we like, right?

Listen to the Summer Camp 2016 playlist!

Hit play on this Spotify playlist, specially curated by our friend Kris Orlowski then scroll down to see why he picked each of these songs!

Bayonne – Spectrolite // This song just came up on a playlist I was listening to and it’s one of my go-to songs when I’m working out or need a break from sad music.

David Bazan – Teardrops // I will never get tired of this guys voice. He’s one of the songwriters in Seattle that I think upcoming writers look up to most. He just keeps getting better and subtley more inventive. If you like this, check his “Killers” cover album.

James Blake – I Need a Forest Fire // I’ve been listening to James Blake and Bon Iver’s “Fall Creek Choir” song collaboration on YouTube on repeat for years. I can’t say no to any song that these guys put out, just glad they are back in action again.

Big Thief – Paul // This woman reminds me of a female Jeff Buckley. Her voice rings so true. It’s as if she was in the adjoining room singing me a story about something she experienced for the first time the night before.

Joseph – White Flag // The ladies of Portland. These three gals have been touring non-stop for much of the past three years before bringing in a band and label to help them with the release of new music, it’s nice to hear the trio of sisters with a full band behind them.

Radiohead – Daydreaming // Radiohead will always be in my top 20 bands. This new album and song feel like they have gravitated towards their older sound while continuing to evolve -- bringing everything they’ve learned as a band to the table. I don’t know or even care how they do it, I just hope this isn’t their last record.

Silver Torches – Woman in Rust // We’ve been playing a few shows lately with Seattle artist Erik Walters and his skilled, well-dressed band. He’s the most underrated pop/folk songwriter in Seattle.  

Hey Marseilles – Crooked Lines // These guys really put together a great album and it’s cool to see them continuing to expand their roots of orchestral pop. 

Bob Moses – Tearing Me Up /// It’s the chorus of this song that kind of hooked me. It’s a bit of a slow burn that I discovered on the way down to Tacoma for a gig I was playing with the band.

Weezer – Thank God for Girls // I’ve loved this band since their 2001 green album when I discovered Rivers Cuomo. He is one of those guys that seems to know how to tow the line well between being an opportunist and an artist.

Fruit Bats – Humbug Mountain Song // Catchy new song from Chicago band off their new album “Absolute Loser”. I haven’t heard a song with banjo that I’ve loved this much in ages.