Re-watch Foo Fighters' surprise live stream from Frome, UK

February 24, 2017

Photo by Mat Hayward


Foo Fighters ended their year-and-a-half-long hiatus with a surprise concert in the United Kingdom on Friday and they live-streamed the whole thing from Cheese & Grain in Frome.

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The stream started at 11:30ish PT and was the band's first live performance since 2015. They started with "Learning To Fly" and ended with "Everlong" after playing for over two hours. 

In the middle of playing "The Pretender," the band may have teased a new song right around the 23-minute mark with the lyrics, "Keep your pretty promise to yourself." They teased another new song during "This Is A Call" about an hour later.

A new record has been rumored for some time and the snippet from the surprise show is our first listen to anything from the upcoming release.

During the set, Dave Grohl confirmed the band will headline the UK's Glastonbury Festival in 2017, having been forced to withdraw from the festival after breaking his leg in 2015.

Setlist from surprise show:
1. Learn to Fly
2. Sean
3. White Limo
4. Arlandria
5. Something from Nothing
6. The Pretender (in which they teased a new song)
7. Walk
8. My Hero
9. Cold Day In the Sun
9. Congregation
10. These Days
11. Wheels
12. Times Like These
13. All My Life
14. Skin and Bones
15. This Is A Call (with another new song teased)
16. Hey, Johnny Park
17. Monkey Wrench
18. Best of You
19. Watershed
20. Big Me
21. For All The Cows
22. Enough Space
23. Everlong

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