The Seattle area might be getting an artificial wave park in 2018

Do the Beach Boys know about Issaquah?

October 19, 2017

Starting summer 2018, you might be able to put the wetsuit away and stop riding freighter waves when a new surf spot opens up in the Pacific Northwest.

A company called "CitySurf Seattle" has plans and permits to set up shop in the Issaquah Highlands (which is Seattle-ish) next summer, which they expect to be a destination spot for surfers across the PNW.

The indoor pool on the east side will be a 32-foot-wide standing wave pool, which they call The Rogue Wave, that they assure you can use a real surfboard on and the "sweet spot" extends across the entire pool.

Similar technology exists in San Diego at the Mission Beach Wave House.

According to the founders in an interview with GeekWire, sessions will last about 90 minutes and be priced around $30. The location will also include a restaurant inside from the same Seattle chef who runs Ballard's Stoneburner and Bastille restaurants.

Between indoor surfing, indoor rock climbing gyms, and indoor skydiving in Tukwila, you won't have to brave the elements any more in order to participate in extreme sports. 

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