Seattle named one of the top 10 party cities by event planning website

December 1, 2016

Ok everyone, set down the Solo cups for a second, we have some big news.... We did it.

Seattle has been named one of the top 10 party cities by, coming in at number 9, just ahead of that boring party in Washington, D.C. and right behind those animals in San Jose. The top city is Houston. Apparently astronauts party, too. 

Sure, the methodology is just "who used Evite the most times in 2016, but we all know the quality of our parties here, right? The Rainier flows like water, your hipster friend is in the corner drinking a microbrew you haven't heard of trying to change the music to something "less popular but still fun, you should totally be listening to this," 10 people lighting up a J on the porch and everybody inside trying to figure out if they're going to walk to Tat's or Uber up to Cap Hill.

There's always some guy with a big beard everyone thinks they know, but nobody really knows how they know him. You know, like a Seattle party.

Honestly, with all that it's pretty surprising we only made #9. Check out this cool infographic they did to show the party breakdown. Andrew W. K. would be so proud.

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