Seattle vs. Atlanta: Which city has the edge?

January 13, 2017

Photo by Kirby Lee | USA TODAY Sports


It's bird bowl time! This weekend, the Seahawks travel to Atlanta to take on the Falcons in an NFC Divisional playoff game (pretty much the Super Bowl quarterfinals). 

Last week, we looked at everything we hoped would happen when the Seahawks played Detroit in the Wild Card game, but this week, we are looking off the field and into the cities.

Which city has the edge between Seattle and Atlanta?

Sure, Seattle has better coffee than what you can get at Starbucks, but when someone from out of town thinks Seattle, they think Starbucks. When you think about Atlanta, you think...uhhh....Dunkin' Donuts probably?  But you'll probably still just get something from Starbucks.

Edge: We gotta give the edge to Seattle in this one. There's no name more recognizable in the coffee industry.
Seattle |1-0| Atlanta

That being said...


Atlanta is the home to Coca-Cola, which is a huge deal. The company has been rotting your teeth away for 130 years and dominates the soda game. Hell, they even monopolized the very idea of soda. When you want any soda in the South, you ask, "can I get a coke?" Jones Soda, while in the soda game for considerably less time, has definitely taken a niche market on Soda, making flavors like "Turkey and Gravy" soda and "Pumpkin Pie" soda. What the company lacks in popularity and production, they more than make up for in creativity. 

Edge: Still, Coca-Cola is the O.G. soda, so Atlanta gets the edge. 
SEA |1-1| ATL


Mt. Rainier looming over a road from

Just two hours north of Atlanta sits Georgia's tallest peak - Brasstown Bald. The pristine white mountain towers over the Appalachians below and casts its shadohahahahaha nope. Brasstown Bald "towers" at 4,784 feet, which is barely high enough to get your ears to pop. From downtown Seattle on a clear day, a glance south shows you Washington's highest point, Mount Rainier at 14,411 feet and a look north on a really clear day shows you Baker at 10,781. The Cascades alone give you more hiking than you could do in a year. "Yeah but Appalachian Trail..." Shhh... The Pacific Crest Trail is nearly 700 miles longer and would give a hobbit a hard time.

Edge: getting to see real mountains every. single. day.
Seattle |2-1| Atlanta

Did you know that Georgia has its own Leavenworth? Helen, Georgia is also an alpine Bavarian village nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and also went all out the best they could. But one thing they can't replicate is the authentic Bavarian winters. Leavenworth is not only the most famous Bavarian-themed town in the U.S., but the snow makes it look like you might actually be transported to Southern Germany when you're there. Sorry Helen, Leavenworth might still be the town that launched 1,000 ships.

Edge: Leavenworth, Oktoberfest, wannabe Bavarians for a day, and Seattleites that get to visit whenever they want.
Seattle |3-1| Atlanta


Photo by Kirby Lee | USA TODAY Sports

Matt Ryan - 2008 NFL Rookie of the Year, starting QB for the Atlanta Falcons, all-around nice guy. He has thrown 240 touchdowns in nine years with the Falcons, but is 1-4 in the playoffs and he can't punt. 

Jon Ryan - Canadian punter and the first player from Saskatchewan to become a Super Bowl champion. He has thrown one touchdown in the playoffs (the first punter ever to do so and only eight fewer than Matt Ryan) and he is a Super Bowl champion. He has competed in American Ninja Warrior. Did I mention he is a Super Bowl champion? Because he totally is. Oh, and he can punt.

Edge: Jon MF Ryan
Seattle |4-1| Atlanta

WINNER: Seattle
It isn't even close. Atlanta has its soda, but when it comes to just about everything else, Seattle takes the cake. We'll see if that plays out on Saturday during Bird Bowl 2017 at the Georgia Dome. Kickoff is at 1:35 p.m. PT


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