See footage from below Seattle in the new SR 99 tunnel

March 9, 2017

We have seen images and even videos here and there from the new tunnel that Bertha is digging, but the most comprehensive and interactive video was released on Thursday by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Using a 360° camera, they captured every portion of the roadway, and you can swivel your viewpoint by clicking and dragging on the video itself.

While it's hard to visualize the giant cement traffic trap we're going to be willingly driving into at its current stage, you can almost see the upper deck being completed. 

Drilling recently paused for a few days because the tunnel was a few inches off track, but it's amazing to see Bertha's "pilots" driving the drill about a mile and a half with nothing but sensors. 

While the tunnel freaks me out (although not much more than a rickety old viaduct), it'll be awesome to see the tunnel finally completed after being fourteen million years behind schedule.

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