See how much Seattle has changed in the last three years in this incredible time-lapse

January 4, 2018

In 2015, a 360° webcam was put in at the top of the Space Needle that captures a panoramic view of the city from the landmark's view every 10 minutes.

Using a hell of a lot of time and footage (and probably a hell of a lot of computing power), Ricardo Martin Brualla created a  nearly four-minute time-lapse that captures how rapidly the city has been changing in multiple areas.

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Brualla wrote extensively about how the video was made and some of the highlights in a Medium post here.

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It's incredible to watch South Lake Union explode in growth, ghost ships come in and out of port, and other remarkable visual effects in the video as buildings colorfully skyrocket and seasons change.

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The webcam should be up on the Space Needle for another 50 years when the city will probably be under a bunch of mist with another city on top of it like in Fifth Element. I hope we get a few more Brualla time-lapses before they take the camera down.

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