So what the hell are Snapchat Spectacles?

September 26, 2016

Photo Courtesy of Snap, Inc.


Snapchat released a new feature last Friday and it has nothing to do with your phone. 

So what is it?

Snapchat Spectacles are a set of built-in-camera-enabled sunglasses and are the first "hardware" device created by the company. They capture 10-second long clips (you can record up to 30 seconds at a time) from the rims of the shades and cost $130.

What do they look like?
If you skipped the video, they are some straight up Audrey Hepburn shades with some cameras in the corners above the eyes. They come in three colors - black, teal and coral.

Is the camera any good?
It's a 115-degree-angle lens (human sight is around 114 degrees). I can't find much about the quality of the camera, but it shoots video circularly. 

How do they work?
Shooting: You tap a button on the glasses and it starts filming! That's it. They transfer to your phone via Bluetooth. 
Charging: They charge in the case! 

Is this as dumb as it sounds?
It depends on who you ask. If you are a teenage skateboard, apparently these will be perfect for elevating your Snapchat game. A lot of people think these will be a game-changer. You know, like Google Glass? Ok, to be fair this is less "augmented reality" and more "chic GoPro," but you get my point. 

Hey Branden, show me people's funny Tweets about Spectacles!
Well, since you asked...

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