Stomping Grounds: The best spots in Wallingford

December 7, 2016

Photo by Manley

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I have spent a lot of time in Wallingford having spent the last couple years living just south (in Fremont) or just north (in Tangletown) of 45th street, the main drag through the Seattle neighborhood. My Saturday routine has become one of waking up then walking to get coffee and a dank breakfast burrito before I really get my day started. 

In this new series, Stomping Grounds, we'll consult local experts in their respective neighborhoods to give you the inside scoop on the spots you can't miss in the Seattle and greater Puget Sound subdivisions. It's kind of like Parts Unkown with Anthony Bourdain, but instead we get jibronis in Seattle to tell you why you should go to their favorite bars near their house.

I get to start things off this week. Who am I, though?

NAME: Branden
JOB: I do internet stuff for The End
I LIVE IN: Tangletown technically, but I lived in Wallingford last year and spend most of my time there which makes me the expert.

Dick's Drive-In (duh)

This is the most obvious answer, but that doesn't make it wrong. I can't count the number of times I have washed down a night out in the neighborhood with two Dick's Deluxes, Fries and a Chocolate Shake. Spend all your cash at the bar? Dick's takes card now. HUGE. 

The Bounty (Caffe Appassionato)

It's probably called Caffe Appassionato, but I didn't know that until I was just looking it up. The Bounty is on the corner of Stone and 45th so not right in the heart of Wallingford, but it's worth the walk over there for a cup of coffee in the morning or a beer with friends at night. Caffe Appassionato roasts all their own coffee so it truly is a unique experience.

Second best: Fuel. 

The Seamonster Lounge

Look there's really only one option in Wallingford for music and it's The Seamonster. They have funk nights on Fridays, which are a blast, and occasionally smaller local bands take the stage. It's the spot if you want to find somewhere to shake your butt and also get a good variety of food on the menu.


If you like sushi, you'll love Musashi's. If you don't like sushi, this place might make you like sushi (but they have a bomb teriyaki chicken, too). Do your research on what you like before you show up and prepare to wait a little bit. This spot is popular.

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

The Octopus Bar

You 'member the old Wallingford Pizza House? Well when they let their lease up, The Octopus Bar swooped in with that sweet Kickstarter cash and made Seattle's most literal dive bar. Seriously, the whole place looks like a sunken ship. My catch is usually a Rainier tall-boy and a shot of whiskey with the Galley Buster Nachos on happy hour. You can't go wrong with an order like that.

The Iron Bull

You probably know this place without actually knowing it. It's Wallingford's sports bar with giant paintings of legends like Ken Griffey Jr., Steve Largeant and Kasey Keller on the side. They happen to also be a Cleveland Browns bar, but don't hold that against them because they have free pool on Sundays to make up for it. They have huge screens and projectors (plus you can feel good about not going to B Dubz)*.

*Sorry B Dubz, I didn't mean that. Please forgive me.  

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