Summer Camp Day 2 Recap

All the highlights from Day 2!

August 14, 2016

Photo by Mike Savoia

Summer Camp Day 2, all of Summer Camp, is done! Thanks for everyone that came out, and here are the highlights from Day 2! 

Kris Orlowski gets the show started, sings "Can't Feel My Face"

First of all, Kris Orlowski is a good friend of The End and I was so stoked he was here to play Summer Camp 2016. Second, when you think you have a good mustache, just take a picture with Kris Orlowski and be ready to feel the shamiest of shames.

— 1077 The End (@1077TheEnd) August 14, 2016

Chef'special gets the crowd moving!

Chef'special last played in Seattle as an opener for Twenty One Pilots a month ago, now they are lighting up the Summer Camp Day 2 crowd. This was their last show in the states before they headed home to Europe, which made the show extra special.

Jr Jr joins the fun!

The Wombats set the crowd on fire (but not literally, we hope)

If Wombats fans were Pokemon, Marymoor Park must have had a lure on it. The Liverpool trio lit up the crowd with their medley of old and new tunes and made a lot of folks very happy.

Now walk it out: @wombatsofficial #summercamp2016

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Dandy Warhols brought it back

Young The Giant

Wow. Just. Wow..... New album out on Friday, Summer Camp on Sunday. 

Thanks for being part of one of the best parties on Earth! 

Yeah, and remember when Duff Freakin' McKagan played with AWOLNATION last night?!

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