#TBT: The End Staff as kids on Halloween

October 27, 2016

Happy (almost) Halloween! Have your costume yet?

There are some dope costume options out there for you this year, but since it's Throwback Thursday and all, let's look back on some of The End Staff's costumes of Halloween past to help you get a few more ideas before this weekend's festivities.


The homemade Gumby. I still don't know how he made that head, but this was probably the tallest Gumby on the block that year.

Photo courtesy of Gregr


I just hope he found someone bigger who dressed like Battlecat who he piggy-backed all night.

Alyssa (left)

I think I saw an episode of Deadliest Warrior once that was Ninja vs. Caveman. Ok, maybe not, but my money's on Alyssa.


Funny fact: Steven wore this costume every day. This wasn't even a picture at Halloween, this was his first day of school. (I made all that up, but at least his makeup was on point)

Branden from the Internet

This was the only last-minute costume that I ever threw together to actually turn out decent. To make the costume even more realistic, I launched a bunch of cocaine rumors to cover up the failed music career I launched. Accuracy is key, everyone.