There is a new Ping Pong bar in Seattle and it is not what you would expect

January 22, 2018

Photo Courtesy of SPiN and Victoria Kovios


Seattle's bar game scene has become pretty strong over the last few years. Rhein Haus on Capitol Hill allows you to drink beer and play indoor Bocce Ball, Flatstick Pub, now with two locations in Seattle and one in Kirkland, lets you play mini golf and other unique games while sucking down a cocktail, and with Seattle's latest addition, you can add Ping-Pong to the mix.

SPiN Seattle opened up to the public on the corner of 6th and Pine in January and they take their Ping-Pong game seriously.

Photo Courtesy of SPiN and Victoria Kovios

Well, as seriously as you can while hanging out, listening to music, and smashing Rainier tall boys.

SPiN Seattle is a "10,000 square foot ping pong mecca" and hosts 12 Olympic-sized Ping-Pong tables in the heart of downtown.

Worried about running around chasing balls? You don't have to. They have people walking around doing it for you!

The venue is 21+ and costs $15 per half hour during off-peak hours, and $29 per half hour during peak hours. Those times are here.

Photo Courtesy of SPiN and Victoria Kovios

Seahawks defensive lineman Cliff Avril was there opening night to get things started. SPiN has locations in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, Austin, and now Seattle.

Photo Courtesy of SPiN and Victoria Kovios

Do you have to be pro? Nope. Do you have to be halfway good? Still no. There's even a bathtub full of ping-pong balls.

Photo Courtesy of SPiN and Victoria Kovios

You can even get a team together to join the league for $600. Be ready with an awesome team name (I already took Paddlestar Galactica, suckers)

Photo Courtesy of SPiN and Victoria Kovios

The walls are covered with images of local legends and street art, as well as a massive neon sign reading "It's never too late to be a champion."

Think you'll ditch the bowling shoes for Ping-Pong paddles anytime soon? 

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