There's an affordable new guitar meant for beginners and experts alike

November 2, 2017

Photo courtesy of Orangewood


There's a time in most people's lives where they consider learning how to shred on guitar, but often the price to buy one yourself that isn't terrible quality seems a bit too steep.

As a guy who learned how to play on a $200 acoustic, playing a high-quality guitar for the first time felt like I had jumped to the big leagues, but I still couldn't buy one on my own.

Orangewood is a new company that hopes to change that.

The company was founded by two brothers, Eddie and Sooj Park, who noticed a market for quality, yet affordable guitars.

"We saw the lack of popularity and representation of the guitar in our generation."

Photo courtesy of Orangewood Guitars

Orangewood offers four models of guitar ranging from $125-$175, and one ukulele for $85. All five models are available for purchase via their website until February 2018, which means there is time to nab one before Christmas.

On top of a great price for people who want to learn to play, the company says a portion of every instrument sale will go to music education through their "The Giving Guitar" program.

The guitars are designed and inspected in Orange, California (hence the name) and are ready to play out of the box, though you might need to tune it up.

Would you give the new guitar a try before being able to try it for yourself? 

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