There's a map showing every single record store in the world as far as we know

December 28, 2017

Photo courtesy of VinylHub

Anybody who is seriously into record collecting, or even just enjoys throwing a good record on every once in awhile, has a favorite record shop they frequent more than others. Some people prefer convenience and go to the closest shop. Some people like to dig for rare, used vinyls. Others go to where they know they can find a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Listen to Eddie Vedder tell the story about that time he worked a shift at Easy Street Records selling Mariners tickets

Whatever you prefer, in places like Seattle, there seem to be plenty of choices. What's the best way to find a solid record shop though? The folks over at Discogs created a crowd-sourced website called VinylHub with the sole purpose of documenting all the record stores across the planet and telling you about record events in your area.

According to the map which has had 12,849 users, there are currently 6,955 record stores across the globe. There are 58 listed in Washington, with 39 of those in the greater Puget Sound region.

Now, no matter where you are in the world (except Antartica, smartass), you should be able to find a store to dig through and find a new addition to your collection!

What's your favorite place to find vinyl in Seattle?

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