There's a place in Seattle you can pay just to destroy stuff

June 28, 2017

Photo courtesy of Rage Industry


Did you know that there is now a place in Seattle on Lake City Way that you can pay just to go in and destroy stuff?

"Rage Industry" opened in April 2017 and people are starting to flock to the spot just to get out their pent-up anger. 

Photo courtesy of Rage Industry

You can go by yourself ($30), as a couple ($60), or as a group to go smash s*** up! 

They give you 15 items such as bottles, toilets, and TVs to smash up using baseball bats, golf clubs, sledgehammers, and regular hammers.

--I won't deny it, I'm a straight ridah. You don't wanna fuck with me --

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If you want, you can bring your own items for $25, as long as you can easily fit them through the door in a box or a bag (perfect for getting over a breakup)

Owner Leslie Nguyen got the idea for Rage Industry from a scene in the movie Zombieland 

Leslie, 27, is a Seattle native who wanted to give her fellow locals a chance to release their pent-up rage/stress 

There's even the "Office Space" option, which allows you to go HAM on old printers like Michael Bolton.

Every time the printer has paper jams

Rage Industry is located at 13333 Lake City Way in North Seattle and you can book your spot online!

You can follow Rage Industry on Instagram to watch even more videos of people smashing stuff to bits.

Would you try this out with your homies?

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