Things you miss about Seattle once you move away

February 1, 2017

Seattle is a great city, no doubt, but you know what they say - You don't know what you got until it's gone. Sure there's the traffic and all the new developments, but our city is remarkable.

The question is simple:

Whether you are a Seattle native or you moved here then away again, what do we miss the most every time we leave the Emerald City?

Living in the shadow of an active volcano
Sure, that might sound terrifying, but the views are amazing. When you round the corner going I-5 South on a clear and the mountain takes up 50 percent of your view and you get so distracted by its beauty that you nearly rear-end the Prius in front of you, you can only say "wow," and also possibly "F***in' taxi."

Mt. Rainier looming over a road from

The Views from the 206
Whether it's the mountains or the city skyline, the views in and around Seattle are impeccable. There's really nowhere like it, the urban sprawl tucked between the Puget Sound and the Cascades. That moment when you're coming north on I-5 and that skyline comes into view, though....

Top Pot Donuts
Need I say more?

Our classic glazed old fashioned doughnuts

A photo posted by Mark Klebeck (@toppotdoughnuts) on

Seeing water no matter where you are
A lot of cities are right on the coast or a river or two, but the Puget Sound is unique in its own way. There's nothing quite like taking a ferry through the San Juans, keeping your eyes peeled for our local orca pods, or watching the cruise ships come and go. This doesn't even take into account Lake Washington on the city's other shoulder.

Going to Pike Place Market whenever you feel like it
Sure, the market gets a bad rap for being touristy, but with all the new developments to the market and the waterfront, it's going to be amazing. Places like Piroshky Piroshky, the sweet scent of Hom Bow from Mee Sum Pastry, the fish tossing, and all the flowers are easy to take for granted until getting there is more than just a half hour drive (or less) away.

The Seattle seafood
A byproduct of having excellent estuaries and being the closest state to the gift that is Alaskan waters, the seafood game in Seattle is UNREAL. You moved to Chicago to become an accountant? Good for you, but good luck finding the freshest salmon in the game while you're there.

Fires on Alki Beach
It's time to question all of your life choices if you aren't having summer bonfires on Alki. 

The Rain
Sure, you complain about it, but that fresh, rain-hitting-the-pavement smell after a few days without precipitation makes you realize it isn't all that bad. When you're stuck in LA for a few days and your skin dries out and the dust kicks up, it's a good reminder that we got it good up here.

Photo by Dreamstime

We had it, then we didn't, now we do again. For awhile there, the Cuban sandwhich pride of Seattle wasn't available to anyone, but now it's back and if you aren't here to get it, you're missing out.


What else do you miss about Seattle when you aren't here? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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