Top 4 greatest cat videos of all time

August 3, 2016

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There are four steps to becoming the ruler of the internet. 1) Obtain cat. 2) Video cat doing normal, mundane cat things. 3) Post video to internet. 4) Profit. 

Here are our top four favorite cat videos of all time, thanks to our friends at Seattle Humane:

Cat's being scared of cucumbers

Can anybody please explain why cats are afraid of cucumbers? I am baffled. 

Keyboard Cat

Everybody knows this classic (it has more than 44 million views....), but the groove Keyboard cat plays in the second half of the video is totally underrated. 

"Very Angry Cats lol lmao"

Yes, that is the actual title of the video. Even Dr. Phil couldn't have helped these cat's doomed relationship.


The dramatic build-up, the cat who so determinedly prepared for the jump, the of the GOATs for sure.

Want to make your very own multi-million view cat video?



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