Top 5 cutest cats in Seattle

On a scale of 1-adorable, these cats are certified CUTE

July 27, 2016

Photo courtesy of Seattle Humane



We have good news and we also have great news.

The good news is that we rounded up the top five cutest cats in Seattle (this is what the internet was built for). Keep reading for the great news.

1. Two-month-old Pudding (gross, unless Pudding is the name of an adorable little kitten)

Photo courtesy of Seattle Humane

Her name is only the second cutest thing about her. Pudding, two months old, was found as a stray in pretty bad shape with her little kitten siblings. She has been nursed back to health and is a shy little kitten who likes to cuddle. Who can resist that?

2. Moat

Photo courtesy of Seattle Humane

Moat is a cat for big dorks. He's the five-month-old playful tabby who, according to Seattle Humane, got a "silly name for a silly cat." Plus, he kind of looks like a Lynx, so that's rad.

3. Kat the cat, lol

Photo courtesy of Seattle Humane

Get it? It's a cat named Kat! That's like my friend's dog named Dee Oh Gee when I was in elementary school, or my cat in high school that I couldn't decide on a name for so long that we just decided to call her Kitty. HILARIOUS! But look at this Kat. She is a three year old furball that loves the lap and all the attention you can give her. 

4. Boots (who is definitely not Johnny Depp)

Photo courtesy of Seattle Humane

Boots is seven years old which makes him the oldest feline on the list, but he's a good looking older cat in the way that when you hear Johnny Depp is 53 you're like, "Whaaaaaat?" Boots is a happy little guy who loves the chin scratches, another trait he shares with Johnny Depp.

5. This cat's name is Cindy Sherman, which might also be your grandma's bridge partner's name

Photo courtesy of Seattle Humane

Cindy Sherman is two years old and just had a whole bunch of little baby cats who have all been adopted. She's an empty nester who is curious, graceful, slender and loves to be pampered. I'm not sure if Cindy Sherman is her full name, her last name or if she just got to Seattle Humane after decades of playing bridge with my grandma, but we'll roll with it.

Now for the GREAT news.

Catapalooza – brought to you by Seattle Humane – celebrates all things CAT-tastic!

2016 Catapalooza is Saturday, Aug. 6 – Sunday, Aug. 7 at the new Seattle Humane facility.

Hundreds of adoptable cats and kittens. No fee for first 25 kitten adoptions each day / Adopt one Seattle Humane kitten for $50 or two kittens for $90 (normally $125 each) / No adoption fee for any Seattle Humane cat 1 year and up

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