From The Vault: Barns Courtney plays "Fire" in-studio

May 26, 2016

In honor of the #ThrowbackThursday, The End staff chooses some of our favorite past EndSessions to pull 'from the vault' for another listen, supported by Elysian Brewing Company.

 We take pride in our New Music Discovery here at 107.7 The End, and when Manley first heard Barns Courtney, he knew he was on to something. He was on the phone with a label almost immediately telling them, "Sign this kid right now!"

Barns is a talented performer, comfortable on the stage carrying on an energetic show with nothing but his beat up guitar that he punches, swings and strums on without a pick. This energy is exactly why we invited him to Summer Camp 2016 at Marymoor Park

We had Barns in the Upstairs Lounge a couple months ago, but the video for his single "Fire" was unreleased until now. Check it out: