Visualize the future of the Seattle skyline in waterfront in a new rendering video

February 21, 2017

More people are moving to Seattle, rent is rising, businesses are either booming or closing up for good, and the city is going through a massive growth period. That growth means some big changes to the city's landscape and transportation. 

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For those of us who are visual learners, here's a rendering that the Downtown Seattle Association released last week showing what the changes to the city will look like:

We have talked about the changes coming to the waterfront, but we are getting a ton more hotel rooms, residential units, a Bremerton Passenger-Only Ferry that will get you there in less than half an hour (half the usual travel time), and a streetcar that will cross the city along First Ave., among other improvements.

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The video notably cuts out the additional traffic jams and the ensuing street closures due to construction, but shiny new things are always more fun to talk about anyway and we're about to have enough shiny new things to stop Bertha in her tracks (not that she needs our help). 

Do the new renderings of the waterfront make you excited for the city's future?

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