Watch a 10-ton ice cube melt in downtown Seattle

September 8, 2016


Watching ice melt isn't usually what you might consider a 'family outing.' The only time I personally like to watch it melt is when it's a single cube sitting in my glass of bourbon. 

However, if you find yourself down in Pioneer Square this weekend, you'll see a 10-ton ice cube melting in the middle of Occidental Park from Sept. 10-11 for the sake of art.

Seattle design firm Olson Kundig is dropping off the big hunk of ice to "showcase the stages of the natural water cycle as the ice shifts from opaque to translucent" in the middle of Occidental. It sounds pretty cool and might be worth a stop by if you are in the area. 

I'll probably go if someone can find me a 20-ton glass of whiskey.

As fall is here, though, there might be an issue with the firm's statement, "the pure form of the cube will gradually erode in the summer sun, marking the passage of time as its waters slowly return to the sea." 

This is Seattle. While the forecast calls for mostly sunny over the weekend, we all know how that goes. This two-day installation might turn into a week-long slippery obstacle for those down in Pioneer Square.

Will you be stopping by to check out the Block Party?

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