WATCH: Footage of Nirvana screwing around on "Top Of The Pops" in 1991

December 1, 2016

Karen Mason Blair


In case you are like me and you don't know what the hell Top Of The Pops is/was, here's a brief overview:

  1. It was a British music chart TV show that started in 1964 and was broadcast weekly until 2006.
  2. Some of the top musicians on the charts performed live on the show.
  3. The musicians were asked to only perform vocals over tracked instruments, aka act like you are playing your instruments while your front man sings. 

A lot of bands didn't like that third fact. One of those bands was Nirvana, and you can watch their TOTP performance of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in 1991 below:

That is Kurt playing like an animatronic character from Disneyland while attempting to brush his teeth with the microphone and doing his best impression of The Smiths while Novoselic does his best...uh...I actually don't know what's going on there... and Dave Grohl pretends like he's animal.

That is to say that none of them played the song while the song played behind them. Nirvana gonna do Nirvana, folks.

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