WATCH: The Head and the Heart play live on Conan

November 17, 2016

Photo by James Minchin | Courtesy of Warner Bros Records

If you missed The Head and the Heart a couple weeks ago when they were here, that's on you. They were here for three days. You blew it. 

However, being the gracious and kind band of Seattleites they are, they keep on giving you opportunities to see 'em play. Not only are they going to be killing it at Deck the Hall Ball this year, the group went on Conan this week to play their single "All We Ever Knew."

Check it out.

Catching up with Charity after THATH released new music

Definitely try to see this band live. When I caught their show at the Paramount earlier this month, I was blown away. The new material sounds great live, and the entire set reminded me of how good and how consistent they have been throughout the years. 

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