WATCH: Naked Giants play for empty gym in new video for 'Easy Eating'

October 5, 2016


Last summer, Naked Giants were jamming out at the Taco Truck Challenge as our Locals Only Artist Of The Month. This month, Tequila And Taco Fest is going down and on top of that, Naked Giants have a new music video for their single "Easy Eating."

Some things in this universe are linked, and the connection between Naked Giants and taco-related news is undeniable. Watch their new video below:

The music video is shot inside what appears to be a high school gym with the garage-rock trio playing for the lone janitor who is cleaning up after a dance. Apparently, there was a long, complicated backstory with someone peeing their pants, but budget cuts left it at the scene we get in the video, which still appears to be a damn good time.

What do you think of the new video? "Easy Eating" was my summer jam so I'm pretty stoked.

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