Watch this new 3D rendering of what the Seattle skyline will look like in the near future

January 23, 2018


A few weeks ago we saw an incredible timelapse of how quickly Seattle has been changing. Now, a Seattle architect David Boynton has used all the development information in the area to create illustrations showing what our future skyline will look like using Google Earth and a 3D modeling software.

Our fellow local nerds over at Geekwire took those images and compiled them into this video which shows the changes from six different angles looking into the city.

The video also shows buildings currently in development, proposed development, and rumored development.

From the video, you can see downtown Seattle and South Lake Union getting a lot more crowded, a massive tower going up beyond Columbia Tower (currently Seattle's tallest building) and even more sprawl as buildings look to be planned in Capitol Hill and South Seattle on the east side of I-5.

You can see more of Boynton's photos here.

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