WATCH: New Macklemore video for 'Drug Dealer'

October 25, 2016

Macklemore dropped a new song on October 11 tackling a pretty hefty topic, as he does occasionally. This time, though, something feels different.

The topic is drug addiction. More specifically, it's about opioid abuse and the path that many who abuse opioids take to using heroin and other, often more lethal, drugs. It's a situation that Macklemore has had plenty of personal experience with - he is on the record about his past addiction and abuse of prescription, specifically Ocycontin.

Watch the video for "Drug Dealer" below:

The video follows Macklemore as he appears to be suffering from withdrawals. Sweating, puking, itching, shaking back and forth, the video paints a nasty picture of the often-overlooked consequence of the rising opioid prescription writing rates in America. 

Just two weeks after "Drug Dealer" was released, John Oliver ran a segment on Last Week Tonight, where he discusses the root of the opioid abuse epidemic in the United States. As is often true with these segments, it is hilarious, painful, and scary.

If you struggle with opioid abuse or if you know someone that does, now more than ever is the time to seek information and help. Here is a list of resources in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area.

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