We are finally going to be able to stream Prince again

February 10, 2017

Prince was well known for his distaste of music streaming sites after spewing quite a few negative comments toward the industry in June of 2015. He pulled all his music off Spotify and Apple Music, but allowed Jay-Z's Tidal to maintain exclusive streaming rights of any new music, plus his extensive back catalog.

If you didn't have Tidal, it was back to buying music the old-fashioned way (that is until Prince's estate got into a tussle with Tidal and ruffled some feathers). But on Sunday, Prince's music is making its way back into the streaming world, the same day the Grammys broadcast tributes to both Prince and George Michael, both of whom passed away in 2016.

This comes after Prince's estate reached a deal with Universal Music Group, his record label since 2005, to publish the late musician's works, including past works with Warner Bros., NPR reports.

It also comes after mysterious purple Spotify ads starting popping up in New York train stations.

It should be noted that Prince's main beef with the streaming industry was with record labels essentially doubling their profits from a musician's work while owning stake in Spotify and other streaming service's, therefore generating streaming revenue on top of the royalties already generated from the song's stream. 

Hopefully the deal with his estate was really sweet, and honors the wishes of the singer. Will you be tuning in for his tribute on Sunday or just waiting for the catalog to drop on Spotify?

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