What is Amazon Go?

December 5, 2016

Companies that put other companies out of business by moving that business onto the internet (see what Netflix and Blockbuster) are starting to move back off the internet and into the real world again. 

We have entered a tech feedback loop and the latest example is Amazon Go. No, it isn't an augmented reality game for your phone based on the website... Do people still play Pokemon Go?

Amazon Go is another venture into the brick & mortar world for the tech giant, following the Amazon Bookstore. Amazon Go is a grocery store that you don't have to think about how much you are spending and don't know the final cost until you leave. The Seattle grocery store is located on the corner of 7th and Blanchard

It works using "the same technology that driverless cars use" according to the video, tracking what you pick up, put back and throw in your non-plastic bag, totaling the cost as you leave and charging your Amazon account. 

Before you ditch your green-haired, cargo pants-wearing, 15-piercing homie at Trader Joes for the new store, Amazon Go is only open in Beta to employees, but should open up to the public early 2017.

It's a tad scary because Amazon can track you and your phone as you're in the store with the app that you must use to enter, potentially tracking what you buy or even put back and using the data to target ads to you, selling you more stuff.

Cool that we don't have to wait in line anymore. Not cool that the robots will know what food we are buying and use the data to poison all of it when they take over the world. I can't wait until I can rent movies IN PERSON from Netflix 'R Us.

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